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Aite Group Press Releases

Aite Group helps RCBC to analyze ROI for its new core
banking system
8 May 2013
Retail FX and CFD brokerage 15 May 2013
Multichannel client onboarding: Anytime, anywhere, any… how? 16 May 2013 
Switzerland’s independent asset management sector: Do or die?  17 May 2013
Form PF and its place in hedge funds' new culture of compliance 23 May 2013
Capital adequacy testing: Don't stress be analytic 4 June 2013
Estimating the real cost of transparency in US health insurance 5 June 2013 
Global FX market update 2013: Increased market transparency, more competition  6 June 2013
Corporate portals: Opening a door to improve business for banks? 12 June 2013
The high-stakes effort to combat illicit finance 18 June 2013 
Coming to America: EMV 26 June 2013
US prepaid processing: survival of the fittest providers?  8 July 2013
The future is in the clouds for TMS as treasurers want smart decision-making ability   8 July 2013
The drive for improved remittance-details processing  10 July 2013
How long will it take? EMV and NFC reterminalization  11 July 2013
Weather forecast for the US equities   17 July 2013
Translating into success in Japan, Aite Group acquires Solution Services  18 July 2013
Tier-1 retail FX brokers use regulation as an edge against smaller competitors  18 July 2013
Card issuers face over half a billion dollars in service-related costs on cardholders' disputed grey charges  25 July 2013
A personalized client experience is needed to grow HNW  30 July 2013
Aite Group says compliance technology spending is likely to grow by 35%   31 July 2013
Aite Group says credit unions have high acquisition potential for checking and debit card accounts, post-Durbin amendment  5 August 2013
Aite Group hires new research director to lead its insurance practice  5 August 2013
Aite Group says the "special relationship" between insurance technology vendors and P&C carriers could be improved  7 August 2013
Aite Group says the race to deploy corporate mobile banking technology is on 8 August 2013
New realities in wealth management 13 August 2013
Global fraud and clueless consumers 14 August 2013
Aite Group says 46% of asset and wealth managers have started programs to improve data governance 15 August 2013
Challenges and opportunities collide in US commercial credit 21 August 2013
Aite Group sees major FX technology changes in the eFX venue and retail space 5 Sept 2013
Supply Chain Finance in Asia-Pacific 11 Sept 2013
The migration to private healthcare exchanges 12 Sept 2013
Switzerland's Independent Asset Management Sector: The Shape-Shifters 13 Sept 2013
Cost pressure and new regulation force investment funds industry to invest in processing efficiency 16 Sept 2013
How are Americans going to pay their bills? 18 Sept 2013
Financial institutions still banking on cloud computing 1 Oct 2013
How many US equity options exchanges are enough? 2 Oct 2013
Cyberthreats continue to go forth and multiply at financial institutions 8 Oct 2013
Faster change is needed to align corporate banks' initiatives with corporate treasurers' priorities 9 Oct 2013
What do merchants think of their acquirers? Not much 15 Oct 2013
Huge growth potential for Swiss registered investment advisors aiming for US taxpayer clients 24 Oct 2013
Introducing the European Supply Chain Finance market guide 25 Oct 2013
Capital markets firms should keep calm and under control despite new client data requirements, says Aite Group 31 Oct 2013
The fight for checking and debit account growth challenges big banks two years post-Durbin 1 Nov 2013
RIAs, online brokerages, and next-generation investors help to drive changes in the wealth management client experience 6 Nov 2013
Sibos 2013: One thousand and one reflections 11 Nov 2013
Annuity carriers must take action to leverage significant retirement income opportunities 13 Nov 2013
Increasing customer referrals could mean public perception of the banking industry is changing 15 Nov 2013
Boon or bust for the consumer-directed healthcare market? 20 Nov 2013






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