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How long will it take? EMV and NFC reterminalization

The future of NFC is linked to US EMV adoption

Boston, July 11, 2013 –

Research from Aite Group shows that US migration to the EMV standard is now a certainty, with compelling factors driving merchants and issuers to the standard.

Aite Group interviewed executives from 22 merchant acquiring organizations, 48 point-of-sale (POS) technology providers, and 491 retailers.

Payment networks will drive a migration to the EMV standard, and they have moved to link the future of NFC to the EMV migration. As a result, POS terminal manufacturers are deploying POS that includes NFC technology, and sixty-seven percent of merchant acquirers interviewed, representing 75% of US merchant locations, will also have standardized EMV and NFC technologies in their terminal deployments by the end of 2013.


Issuers also need to begin studying merchant deployments of EMV technology and potential impacts to their cardholder base. An understanding of the potential problems of the roll-out and an appropriate cardholder communications strategy will therefore be critical to ensure continued cardholder satisfaction through the transition.

“Issuers, merchants, acquirers, payment networks, and POS technology providers should be planning now for significant customer impacts during the migration. The time is right to begin investing in payment platform upgrades and estate management and/or middleware solutions that can manage the incremental complexity associated with a far more rapidly evolving POS technology environment,” says Rick Oglesby, senior analyst in retail banking at Aite Group.

Aite Group's retail banking clients can download the report here.


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